About Avant Garde Wardrobe Designer Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer Lynn

Living in San Francisco and as a Chicago native, Jennifer grew up fascinated by art. As a child she was mentored by her art teachers who transferred their enthusiasm and love for creating the awe inspiring to her.  With an entry into art through painting and drawing, her desire for more unique pieces soon brought her into fashion. There she found she had a knack for sculpting wearable art out of the non-traditional, yet everyday and ordinary materials. The anomaly of her designs comes from the materials they are made from and the man-hours it takes to create the one of a kind, often avant garde wardrobe pieces.

Her wearable art pieces have been featured in publications across the globe, on the runway, in commercial print, and in private collections.  She likes to “make it happen” for her clients, bringing their concepts and visions to life, and appreciates all the international recognition.

In addition to designing wearable art, Jennifer has a background in engineering and  is the founder of a staffing business as well as a SaaS start-up.  She is owned by an Italian Greyhound rescue pup named Gizmo, is an avid volunteer in the animal and social service sector, and takes pride in staying physically as well as mentally active.

If you need an avant garde wardrobe designer or would like to contract her out for an art piece, please contact her.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” -Coco Chanel