Custom Light Up Fur Jacket for Black Rock City

We were commissioned to create a light up fur jacket that embodied a gecko look/feel for the annual gathering at Black Rock City. It was for a camp leader that wanted a night piece to match his art car and pay homage to his community.

The piece was a gift so we went off general sizing rather than seeking for a custom fit. For pieces like these where often the owner wears layers, it’s always better to go a bit bigger regardless.

We found a wonderful green reptilian fabric that had a lizard skin sheen. For the fur lining we used thick white faux fur to help keep him warm during those late playa nights. Later did some custom painting to make it look less like a Christmas stole and added hints of blue and green throughout. Since the green fabric wasn’t see through nor fur, we lined the stoles with lights and added pockets to complete the piece.

The king of the geckos wouldn’t be complete with a captain hat so we fashioned one to match the coat. Adorning it with gems and jewels atop a gecko fabric base, it was quickly completed.

The entire effort took two days labor but was well worth the effort. The new owner was enthusiastic and wore it with pride during the otherwise chilly nights.

With the Black Rock City events being filled with self expression and little kid fantasy level creativity, it’s a joy to be able to give clothing owners novel items to wear and share with others. There is a beauty in being one of a kind in an otherwise Amazon Two-Day shipping world.

If you are looking for a custom LED Light Up Fur Coat for your next Black Rock City Event or Festival contact Jen today.

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